Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oregon Dunes

The first trip we did with Bob & Kathy was a dune buggy ride over the Oregon Dunes. The dune buggy was a converted school bus that held about 18 people. It didn't go flying over the dunes, but that was fine with us. As you can tell, it was a cool day and overcast, which Bob & Kathy appreciated after leaving 100 degree weather in Turlock.

The Oregon Dunes stretch along the coast from Florence in the north to Coos Bay in the south, about 40 miles. It's the largest area of coastal dunes in the North America. It provides great opportunities for off road vehicles to explore a large area without running over each other. Some of the dunes are 500' above sea level.

Here's some of the 4-wheelers having a great time on the dunes. Since it was the week of July 4, a lot of people were at the coast and you could hear the dune buggies from morning till night. Some of the people actually pulled their trailers out on the sand for camping. We would be afraid that our wheels would sink into the sand and we would have to be pulled out.

Our dune buggy trip took us along the beautiful ocean beach also. The driver narrated the drive and gave us some history of the area. It was a very enjoyable trip.

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