Friday, November 09, 2007

A Visit to Turlock

We finally headed to Turlock on Wed., 11/24, after the winds died down. Our good friends, Bob & Kathy, offered us the use of their ranch to park our moho even though they were vacationing in Lake Tahoe. What great friends.

The reason we went to Turlock was to visit our good friends, and to check in with our Doctors. We both were going to visit our primary care physician, and John had an appointment with his Oncologist. All of the appointments went well, but the Oncologist wants to see John again in a month because his blood test showed his Iron was low(he may be bleeding internally). Hopefully everything will be fine during the next test.

While we were in Turlock we were able to share many meals and good times with our bible study friends. Bob & Kathy returned home on Sun., and we had a wonderful visit with them also. Whenever we get together with them we have a great time playing games, mainly Mexican Train .

We had a reunion dinner on Sat., 11/3. We had everyone meet at Cal State Stanislaus near the waterfall for wine and appetizers. Then Linda led everyone on a geocache right there on the campus. We had to identify different sculptures and solve puzzles to find the cache, so it gave us a chance to tour the campus and get some exercise. Bob was the one who found the cache inside of a parking sign in the west parking lot. We then went on to find 2 other caches, but we came up empty. Either the caches had been removed, or we couldn't find them.

We all went back to Bob & Kathy's house for a German dinner to celebrate Oktoberfest. John barbecued 3 different types of sausages, while Linda prepared all of the side dishes. We served beer and wine, and finished the meal with a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. It was great food, and it was the company and fellowship that made it special.

John enjoyed 2 lunches with his friends, Kristine & George, from his days at Gallo. It was a lot of fun catching up on different people from the company, and their families. It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 years since John retired. It's always nice to know everyone is still doing great even thought he's no longer there.

We had a surprise when the refrigerator door in the moho just fell off! We were lucky to find a new one in Sacramento. Can you believe a little side door would cost $395.00? We a happy that our food didn't spoil.

All to soon, it was time to head back to SoCal. We have an appointment to get our awning fixed at the Girard Awning Co. in beautiful San Clemente on Monday, 11/12. Hopefully it won't bruise the wallet too much, but we've missed having our awning when we sit outside. Until then, keep in touch.

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