Saturday, December 01, 2007

Visiting Turlock Again

We're back in Turlock visiting our friends, and John had an appointment with his cancer doctor. The news wasn't good. It seems that John's iron content is low due to a little bleeding somewhere in his gastro system. The doctor wants to do more tests, but we don't know when the tests will be scheduled. Currently, the closest date is in February.

We're staying in the pool house at our friends, Dave & Jean Drayer, and they make us feel really at home. Their house is right across the street from our old house, which looks the same as when we sold it-very nice. We really have mixed emotions about selling our house and starting on this adventure. We've had some great times visiting with old friends and seeing new sights. But we do miss some of the aspects of a "stick home", and we really miss our good friends in Turlock. Everything we do in life is a comprise, and as we make decisions we hope we make good ones. Only time will tell.

Other than the doctor's appointment we've had some great times with our friends. On Wed. night we went out to dinner with Bob & Kathy at Panera Bread, one of our favorite restaurants. It was great catching up, and we stayed until the restaurant closed. On Thursday was the doctor visit, then we went to see the Del Webb housing development in Manteca. Some of the floor plans were really good, and it gave us another option to think about when we decide to get off the road. Thursday night we went to dinner in Modesto with Dave & Jean at Dewz Restaurant. It's change since we moved, and now it's a high end dinner house with great food. We haven't eaten this good since John lost his expense account!

Friday was an unusual day because we spent time apart. One of the adjustments to retirement is the amount of time we spend together because we have only one car and move our house a lot. John had lunch with his good friends from Gallo, Kristine & George, while Linda spent an extended amount of time at the mall. John also managed to squeeze in an oil change in the Honda, a haircut, and a visit to the Wine shop. That night Linda went to a women's presentation at church while John watched football and one of his favorite movies, Polar Express.

Saturday was a quiet day. John was glued to Dave's 42" high def TV watching Virginia Tech, USC, & Oregon State win their games. Linda was bored, but catch up on the wash, did some puzzles, and read a lot of magazines. That night we went to Kevin & Linda's house for a nice dinner party which included Gary & Rosemarie, and Gary & Connie. Great food, good friends and fantastic conversations are a great way to end the day.

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