Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The MOHO Moves, and So Does Matt & Suzanne

Matt & Suzanne are moving to a new house.  It’s closer to both of their work, and the house is almost as large as their previous house.  For those of you who don’t know, they short sale their house, which was a very good move.  We took the MoHo to Wilderness Lakes, which is not one of favorite campgrounds.  They have some canals there that attract ducks & geese.  Very pretty animals, but they poop anywhere they want, usually by the campers.

Of course there were a few problems.  The moving company was supposed to be there between 8 & 10.  They showed up about 1:00pm.  Linda & I got up at 6:00am (I know, hard to believe) to pick up Jaxson and go to the new house to meet the cable & internet installer.  He was supposed to be there between 8 & 5.  A long time to not be late, but Matt wanted to make sure he had internet access.  He showed up about 3:00 pm.  Oh well.

Of course the movers brought to small of a truck.  They really packed it in tight, but there was still stuff left over.  Matt & I spent Sunday, in the rain, loading our cars and ferrying it over to the new house.  The good news is we got everything moved by late Sunday afternoon.  And we got to spend some fun time with Jaxson.  He’s growing up so fast.  He doesn’t walk much, he runs everywhere now!

On Monday we headed back to the Village, tired but happy that we could help Matt & Suzanne, and spend time with our Grandson.

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