Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Outing-Lake Pleasant

I think staying in one spot for the Winter causes you to get into a routine like owning a house.  Up in the morning, read the paper and have some breakfast, meet with your friends, run some errands, go to the grocery store, cook meals, & get together for happy hour.  So that’s why there’s been a lack of new postings.  But we do some exploring with our friends.

On this trip we decided to go out to Lake Pleasant.  I mean it got to be pretty special if it’s named Lake Pleasant! And it pretty nice.IMG_1583First, though, we had to stop for lunch.  Ron & Ethyl recommended the Wild Horse Saloon, which is on the way.  It was an old beer joint serving burgers, hot dogs, and chili.  I had the Chili Burger, which was very good.  No credit cards, cash only.  And the building has been used in some movies, so they had interesting photos.  Good lunch spot.  Thanks, Ron & Ethyl.

Next stop was Lake Pleasant itself.  It’s a Maricopa regional park, with a small entrance fee.  They have camping areas, picnic pavilions, and a small visitor center. 

We went down to the boat docks to admire the fleet.  They had some nice rentals available, and the personal boats were very nice.IMG_1592 It was a very nice day with some beautiful venues.  We’re even considering camping out here next year.IMG_1590IMG_1595  Here’s a link to read more about Lake Pleasant:

Hope your week was special.

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Dkalla said...

But Johnny, you do so well describing your meals, that should keep the blog going daily...:-) The Wild Horse Saloon sounds fun, what did Linda get? Lake Pleasant does look very pleasant, I could see why you would want to try staying there. And don't I remember you saying you wanted to purchase a boat....:-)

Love ya,