Friday, February 12, 2010

Phoenix Zoo

We have read a lot about the Phoenix Zoo, all very positive.  In fact we wanted to go there last year, but ran out of time (where does the time go when you’re retired).  So Bob & Maggie and Linda & I decided we had better go or we would miss it again this year.

We weren’t disappointed.  It’s a very nice zoo, with large enclosures and good sight lines to see the animals.  They had a section on AZ inhabitants, an African section, and a mixture of tropical animals.  It’s the only zoo we’ve been to that offers many different ways to get around from walking(our choice), a guided tram, and bicycle rentals.  Everyone was having a good time.IMG_1604 IMG_1627 IMG_1630 This was one of the first times we have been to a zoo when the big cats were active.IMG_1652 IMG_1658 IMG_1646IMG_16871 We ended the day with a late lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Tempe.  An exotic day, with a lot of fun with good friends.

For more information on the zoo, click on this link:


Connie said...

Been waiting for new posting!!! Beautiful pictures.

Dkalla said...

I couldn't agree with Connie more....:-) But we still need to take you to the updated SD Zoo and Wild Animal Park....:-) Oh and don't forget the USS Midway passes just waiting for you....:-)