Friday, March 12, 2010

The End of the Rally and Another Travel Day

First let me post a couple of pictures of the Harrier jets that I promised in the last post. 




That’s a load of armament  on the bottom of the plane.  I’m glad they’re on our side!  It’s amazing that they come in for a landing and just stop in midair and slowly descend like a helicopter.  Here’s a bad picture of one landing.IMG_1793If you want more information on the Harrier, click on the following list:

The weather has been great all week except for a little wind on Tuesday.  It’s been a fun rally,  with some good seminars and interesting people.  We took some time to wander around Yuma and even do a little geocaching.  There was one called “ATM” that was a old ATM machine with a combination lock.  We tried & tried and couldn’t get it open.  I guess this means another trip to Yuma sometime in the future.

Our Wine Seminar was on Thursday afternoon at 3:00.  Since it was the last day of the rally, we weren’t expecting a large crowd, but about 65 people showed up.  Linda did a great job of hosting the tasting portion, and the presentation was well received with a lot of good questions.  It was a lot of fun to be back presenting again, so we’ll continue to do it when the opportunity is available.  In fact next week we’ll be doing it all over again at the Monaco rally in Tucson.  You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Our travel day on Friday dawned clear with no wind.  We didn’t know what to do! It was a smooth uneventful drive to Tucson where we’re at Beaudry RV parked in a nice spot waiting for the next week’s rally.  We decided to come straight here as some of our friends from the Northwest will be coming in Saturday.  We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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