Saturday, March 06, 2010

Goodbye Surprise, Hello Casa Grande

On Saturday night, Linda & Maggie hosted the annual Monaco dinner at Happy Trails.  We had about 75 people at the dinner in the Chuckwagon.  The choices were pot roast or chicken cordon blu.  Both were delicious.  We all had a good time.

Before the dinner, we spent most of the day packing everything back into MoHo and the Pilot.  It’s amazing how spread out you get when you have a shed and large patio with cabinets.  Plus, we had to take down the window screens, wheel covers, dump the tanks-well, lets just say there was a lot of details.  Linda takes care of the inside, and I try to tackle everything on the outside and in the coach bins.  The reason for all of the activity is that we’re leaving in the morning for Mountain Shadows RV Resort in Casa Grande.

Naturally, Sunday dawned dark and cloudy.  At least the rain waited until we pulled out about 10:30 for the short drive down to Casa Grande, which is located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.  The traffic was light because it was Sunday morning and with the rain, nobody was in a hurry.  We arrived and settled into our site.  It’s not one of our favorite parks, in fact we parked next to a drainage pond that has water in it for the rain.  But there was less gravel there which was good for Pearl’s feet.

On Wednesday night we went to a choral concert staring one of our good friends Phyllis Beebe.  The concert was great and she sang beautifully. IMG_0160IMG_0157They spend their winters in Palm Creek RV Resort, one of the top resorts in country.  See this blog post to see their lot:

The week went by pretty quickly with Linda doing two beading classes, some geocaching, happy hours, and dinner with our friends.  Tomorrow we’re heading West on I-8 towards CA.  No, we’re not heading to L.A., but we’re going Yuma, a city we’ve never visited before.

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