Friday, August 20, 2010

Community Center & PC Lab

Every Tuesday morning I volunteer as a supervisor at the PC lab in the community center.IMG_2854 The community center is one of the newest buildings in Laguna Woods.  It replaced the old administration building.  It has three floors that house different functions.

The first floor consists of the administration for the village residents.  This is where you can get permits, gate passes, and, if you have a problem, property services.IMG_2855 There’s also many meeting rooms.  The second floor is mostly devoted to PCM, the management company that maintains all of the property, and more meeting rooms.

The third floor has many educational and recreational facilities.  This is where the PC lab is located.IMG_2856 There’s also a work area in the lab where residents can bring their computers and printers to have them fixed by volunteers.IMG_2859 There’s also a MAC lab for those residents who prefer an Apple system.  There’s also a PC classroom with 30 PCs setup in a classroom style, with a projector.  The PC Club puts on 6 different series of classes during the year.  The next session starts next week.  Linda is going to take a class on Digital Scrapbooking, and I’m assisting in a class on Windows 7.

Also on this floor is a complete workout facility that complements on the main one in Clubhouse 1.



There’s also an indoor ping pong facility.  I didn’t understand the need, but there’s no wind indoors so it makes sense.  It gets a lot of use. 

IMG_2860IMG_2862 They even have a ball machine for practice.

Also in this building is the studios for Channel 6, the inside the village station that has news, the trading post program, and meetings of the different boards.  The trading post allows residents to sell things to other residents and it’s very popular.

So that’s one of the “clubhouses” here in the village.  I’ll post other descriptions of the 7 other clubhouse in the future.  As the classes are starting, we’re starting to get busy.  It’s always good to keep the brain active.


Dkalla said...

Sorry I took so long to put a post on, but we were on a mini-vacation for our anniversary at a Fabulous B&B in Big Bear!! I won't put you through listening to the awesome breakfast they prepared, just know that you would have loved it!!! Looking forward to reading/seeing some of the other facilities, as this one is awesome!

Connie said...

Ok John, I have been looking at this post for over a month now. When are you going to update it? Love you guys!!

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