Sunday, August 01, 2010

Quiet Times & A Lot of Reading

Linda is still under the weather with a very bad chest cold.  Her coughing has got so persistent that I met her sister Donna to get some cough medicine with codeine.  We met at Direct Buy, which is a catalog showroom for members.  Donna is a member, and she helped out Matt & Suzanne by ordering some baby furniture.  They saved about 50% on the entire order.  Baby furniture has sure changed since we had kids.  Now it all converts to larger beds as the child grows, so it makes sense to order good stuff that will last a long time.  They are very happy with their choices.

Since we’re staying in one place this summer, we have renewed our interests in reading, and using the local libraries.  We started this in WA when we camp hosted in Olympic National Park.  You can read that blog entry by clicking here.  We also use it in AZ when we stay at Happy Trails.  Here is Laguna Woods Village, we have access to the entire Orange County Library system to look for books, place them on hold, and have them shipped to the local branch.  It works well, but its a little slow, and can take up to 3 weeks to get a particular book. 

While we were in AZ I started reading police procedurals set in York, England.  The author is Peter Turnbull.  The nice thing about series books is that you really get to know the lead characters, kind of like a TV series.  Now I’m reading a series of English Village mystery books set the Dales area of England.  The author of these books is Peter Robinson.  I seem to be stuck on Peters.  He started writing in the middle ‘80s and you can see his progress as a writer over the period of time.  What’s interesting is that he emigrated to Canada before he started writing.

Both of these authors write interesting books that give you real insight to English life in the small villages and towns.  I highly recommend them for a great summer read.

More later with a report on Linda’s health and our exciting life.

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Dkalla said...

Will keep Linda in our prayers for complete healing! I sure hope the crib/young adult set works better than Abby's....Nikki ended up using the crib for Daniel and bought a big girls bed for Abby....didn't convert to a very big bed...would have outgrown pretty quickly! I have really had fun reading the Janet Evanovich series [Stephanie Plum]. Then have enjoyed some of the deeper Clive Clusser books, but didn't start them out correctly to get the full character of Dirk.....Keep us updated! Love, Donna