Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Horse Show-Sort Of

On Sat. the stables here at Laguna Woods Village scheduled a horse show.  It was going to have precision riding, and drill teams on horseback.  We thought that our nieces, Iris & Violet would enjoy the show.  The only problem was that started at 9:00am.  So Linda solved the problem by having a sleepover at our house.  We picked up the girls around 6:00pm and headed back to our humble abode.  After dinner, and a movie the girls had a bubble bath and settled down for the night.

While we were sleeping we had a surprise.  It rained! I thought it never rained in California, at least in October.  I remember many drippy Halloweens when the kids were young and we lived in Oregon.  Somehow I was always the one accompanying the kids while Linda stayed home and handed out the candy.  It really wasn’t so bad because some of the neighbors handed out adult treats (brandy) to help us wet parents survive.

After an early breakfast we made it over to the stables by 8:45.  The only problem was that the show was cancelled because of the muddy conditions that could have injured the horses.  The best laid plans. . . .

We did visit some of the horses that were being groomed by their owners.  Rusty seemed to really like Linda!


Since the horse show was off, we decided to visit a local park.  Luckily we brought some towels to wipe down the play equipment.  I think the girls had more fun at the park than they would have had a the horse show.IMG_3104



Later in the afternoon we dropped them off at their Grandmother’s, Linda’s sister Donna.  We had a great time with the girls and we hope they enjoyed it too.

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John and Ellen said...

Even without the horse show, you can't go wrong with horse pictures. I had a good laugh looking at yours. As for the kids, looks like they made the best out of the situation.