Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Little Hummers

We’ve put a couple of hummingbird feeders here at our condo.  We had a regular bird feeder up for a while, but they asked us to take it down for a while to keep the rodents away.

For more information on hummingbird, see this article:


When we put our first feeder up, we had a dominate male that chased all the other birds away.  So we got a larger feeder so that he wouldn’t be able to dominate anymore.  Well, we got a lot of hummers! At times there’s 12 different birds trying to feed at the same time.  Here’s our first feeder:


And our second larger feeder:


Now we’re having to fill the feeders twice a day! We’re always looking for a sale on sugar, and having to boil syrup every night.  But we enjoy watching their antics and we can hear them buzzing trying to get to the feeders.

I haven’t had much success getting good photos of the hummers.  They fly to fast and can be out of focus quickly.  Here’s the best ones I’ve taken so far:



I can’t seem to get the bird to pop out of the background.  I’ll keep trying, it gives me a good assignment.

Come visit us and enjoy our flying circus!

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I put up a feeder late in the season at home in MO and only attracted a couple. Your right about the pictures even setting my Canon manually for a fast shutter I was only able to get one shot worth posting. Judy of the Travel with Emma blog does wonders with her hummers. I am going to ask for some tips as she has a Canon also. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.