Sunday, November 07, 2010

Laguna Sunsets

Linda went off to AZ to help Jeni out, (and to get away from me), leaving Pearl and me to fend for ourselves.  I had a few commitments including working in the PC Workshop, the Camera Lab, assisting in a Windows 7 class, and attending a volunteer dinner and taking pictures.  I also got the car serviced and bought new tires.  Linda now thinks she should go away more often!

The weather was cool and unsettled all week, and on Saturday afternoon we had a break in the weather, but an interesting cloud layer.  I thought that it could create a pretty sunset, so I fed  Pearl and headed for Laguna Beach, and Heilser Park in particular.  The park is just north of downtown Laguna Beach and includes a promenade on the bluff above the beach, and stairways down to the beach.  There are many rocky areas and tide pools to explore and picnic areas for groups and families.

Here’s the view when I got there.


It seems that many photographers had the same idea.



And the kids were playing in the surf.



And of course there was a beautiful sunset.




I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoyed taking them.

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