Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Visit with Jaxson

After getting back from AZ, Linda was in need of William fix,  Luckily, Suzanne had a Doctor’s appointment (everything was great) and she wanted Linda to babysit if possible.  The question was how was Linda going to get out there, or would John be left behind without a car.  Linda saw a Pechanga bus go by on the highway, and she wondered if the bus serviced Orange County.  She called, and guess what? It picks up everyday at Laguna Woods at 7:45 AM, and returns at 5:30 PM.  You know us old people like to contribute to the economy! So she arranged for a one way trip to Pechanga, met Matt and took his car(our truck) to Suzanne & William’s home. Then Suzanne took her car into Temecula for the appointment, and picked up Matt after work.  How about that for quick thinking on Linda’s part.  Then I went out to see Jaxson on Saturday just so he wouldn’t forget me (how could he).





Linda had a great time with William.  And she had a nice visit with Suzanne, and spent some so-so time with Matt.  William always gets the most attention, as he deserves.

For more pictures of William Jaxson click on the following link:

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