Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving Day

It’s always with a little regret whenever we leave Oregon.  We’ve really enjoyed our time here, and the campground and area was very lush and beautiful.  And our visit with friends was very special.

Our first stop today was at a Pilot truck stop to take on some diesel.  I didn’t say fill our tank because we only got $400 worth and it left us a little short of full.  Oregon has some odd rules about using truck stops so we had to pay for our fuel first since we didn’t have a PUC permit.  But it was mostly full.

Our next stop was a rest stop near Fife, WA, about 130 miles over the border into Washington.  You’re probably wondering about why I would mention a rest stop.  Well we stopped to meet some great friends of ours from Turlock, Matt & Sarah.  Sarah grew up across the street from us with her sister Jessica.  Sarah went on to Biola University to get her BS in Nursing before coming back to Turlock to work and marry Matt.  Sarah decided to continue her education to become a Nurse Practitioner after Matt received his teaching degree.  They moved to Washington to fulfill their dreams and now, after 3 years of hard work, Sarah graduates next Friday! These are great young people who set goals for themselves, work hard to achieve their goals, and help others whenever they can.  We had lunch at the Olive Garden, but the food was secondary to the conversations.

We then continued on to Mt. Vernon and the Thousand Trails campground.  As with most Northwest area campgrounds, we’re surrounded by trees, which we love.  But that also means our Direct TV can’t see the satellite.  But we were expecting that, so our son Matt gave us some DVDs to watch.  Besides, when you’re in such beautiful country, who needs TV.  We plan on being here until next Sunday when we’ll head south to meet with Allan & Sharri before the FMCA Northwest rally in Albany.

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