Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silver Falls State Park

Today we decided to visit one of finest state parks in the U.S., Silver Falls.  It was created during the depression by the CCC.  Here’s the lodge that was built:




    We had lunch at the small café in the lodge, enjoying the craftsmanship and style.

After lunch we went on hike to the South Falls.  There are 9 different falls in the park.  South Falls is the highest and most visited.  Here’s a view from the overlook:









One of the unique features of the falls is that you can walk behind the falls.


We then hiked down to the bridge across the stream, and cross over to the other side.  The trail then climbs back up the canyon.  Linda took a picture of me on the bridge, and I took one of her back up behind the falls.









The hike back up the canyon was a lot tougher than coming down.  I had to stop a few times to gather my strength.  Linda beat me up the trail.  I need to exercise more! If you want to see more photos, visit our Picasa albums at:

After freshening up at the MoHo, we headed to our old hometown of Albany to have dinner with our good friends, Paul & Kathy Ross.  We had dinner at McGrath’s Fish House.  We made sure they had chicken and ribs for Paul & Linda who don’t enjoy fish.  I had the fresh Alaskan razor clams and they were delicious! We all showed pictures, Paul & Kathy showed wedding pictures of their son Andy and his new bride Cassie, and we showed them (guess what??) Jaxson’s latest photos.  We took a tour of Corvallis to see all of the changes, and we couldn’t stop talking.  It was great.

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