Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cousin's Sunday Brunch

Before we left SoCal, we were blessed to able to meet with Linda's cousins, Ken & Donna, and Steve & Charlotte. And we were twice blessed to have Nicky and her new daughter, Abby, join us. Here's the proud Grandpa. He looks pretty proud.

Nicky & Abby were quickly the center of attention. In fact, John forgot to take a picture of the group! Sorry, Steve, Charlotte, & Donna.

Here's Linda doing her favorite thing, holding a baby. I have to keep reminding her that they grow up.

We really did talk about other things at the brunch. It was great seeing Steve & Charlotte again after our short visit when they stopped by where we were staying in AZ. They are devoted Angel fans and always go over to Phoenix to catch some spring training games and to visit their family. We're so glad that everything is going so well for this great couple.

To see all of the photos, click on this link: http://picasaweb.google.com/jchuber1/CousinSSundayBrunch

Ken & Donna are doing great adapting to this Grandparent thing. We have always enjoyed spending time with our cousins, and hope they have time to visit us either during the summer or when we get back to AZ for next winter.


Dkalla said...

We loved it too!! Linda, that is a beautiful picture of you holding Abby. Johnny's yours is good too, but who chopped your head off...:-)

And yes, we will have to get toghether again soon!


The Morales Family said...

Linda - you sure do love those babies - they must really love you!! :)