Saturday, May 03, 2008

Our Old Hometown of Turlock

We left San Juan Bautista at the early (for us) hour of 9:00am. It's a fairly easy drive through Hollister, over Pacheco Pass, through Los Banos, and on to Turlock. We made our way to our good friends Kathy & Bob Whiteheads ranch, and parked next to Bob's Famous Red Barn.

The reason Bob's barn is so famous is because he has a geocache on his ranch, and on it's known as Red Barn Bob. Many people have found it, some with Bob's assistance.
While we're here we're going to add our first travel bug to the cache, one honoring Best Friends Animal Society. The metal tag has a tracking number that unique to this bug. We hope it gets moving to other caches soon.

Our reason for coming to Turlock at this time is to visit Doctors. Our joy in coming back to Turlock is to visit all of our friends who we miss dearly.

Thursday, April 24, was our first busy day at the Doctors. Linda & John both had appointments for their annual physicals, John had an appointment with a dermatologists, and Linda had a follow up appointment with her hand Doctor. All of the appointments went well, except the the dermatologist wants to remove a cyst off of John's shoulder. John knew he couldn't get through the week without something. On the following Tuesday, John went under the knife, and 4 stitches later he was fine. He didn't even faint or scream! The biopsy came back fine so there's no problem.

On the following Tuesday, before the surgery, John met with his cancer doctor and everything was back to normal. The doctor was very pleased, but not as pleased as Linda & John. The blood counts were great, and there's no sign of any bleeding in John's stomach. We don't have to go back for another 6 months.

Most of the time we spent in Turlock was with our friends. Kathy is a terrific cook and we were lucky to eat dinner with them 4 times. We also went out to dinner a number times with different friends, visiting others at their houses, and playing Mexican Train a couple of times which Bob won(I think he cheats, but I can't figure out how).

One of the highlights of the week was a 60th birthday bash for our good friend and car nut, Gary Sanders. Rosemarie put on a great party, first for his family, then for all of his friends. We were honored to be invited and meet some of Gary's childhood friends. It was a great night that went into the next day. Congratulations to Gary on reaching this milestone. His family bought him a hydraulic car lift, so we know where Gary is going to be spending the summer, under one of his cars.

John got to visit with his old friends from work. When we first arrived in town, John had lunch with George & Kristine, plus all of the old field personnel who were in town for a training. John had a great time catching up with the field, and throwing barbs back & forth. The following week John had lunch with just Kris & George, which allowed him to get updates on their families and friends.

All to soon our appointments were completed, and we needed to travel down to SoCal for other appointments. We'll miss our friends, but we won't miss the Doctors(especially John). Hopefully we can meet up somewhere outside of Turlock with some of our friends on a special trip.

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