Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking News-5-28-08

After the ballgames in Chicago, where the Dodgers lost all three games, Mom has changed her allegiance. She now will root for the Cubs-Except when they play the Dodgers. Just because we're in Las Vegas, Matt talked her into a bet.

Congratulations Matt on beating your mother! The bet was that we would put it on the Blog for everyone to read and comment.

Needless to say, we stayed away from the casinos.


Jeni said...

Love the motorhome's nickname...MoHO...NICE! Also love the picture of you and Mommy...very pretty! It would make a nice Christmas gift framed (hint hint).

Jeni said...

Hey I just looked at your list of states and provinces you've visited and I'm so impressed! But, I've been to some you haven't always wanted better for your kids than you had right? Can you guess which ones?

Jeni said...

Except March 14-22 when you'll be at Best Friends in Utah right?!

Ted and Claudia Bowler said...

Hi John and Linda! Your blog looks great. It was fun to read in detail all the places you've been to. I tried to email you ??? We are or Would like to stay in touch. Ted has started a blog too...of course boating....Love,Claudia and Ted

Jeni said...

Any decision or update on your itinerary yet? Will you be able to hang around for the arrival of Violet? Are you going to post a blog about Chase? I'd love to hear more :)

Dkalla said...

How about somewhere near San Diego, so we could have you over for dinner and then maybe do some family wine tasting up in Temecula?

Would love to visit with you guys!

Donna & Ken