Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our First Visitors

We had our first friends visit us here at Lake Crescent! Our good friends Paul & Kathy Ross drove up from Albany, OR, for a weekend. The last time we had seen our good friends was at the wedding of their oldest son, Matt, in Austin, TX, last fall. Here's a picture from the wedding with the entire Ross family.

We've known the Ross' since we moved to Oregon back in the early 80's. Paul came up to replace John at the distributor John was working at before he went back to work at Gallo. Paul & Kathy's boys were about the same age range as Matt, so we spent a lot of time together as families. When we left Oregon to go back to California, we kept in touch with the Ross' and when we get together it's like we were still neighbors.

We met at the Lake Crescent Lodge for lunch. The lodge dates from 1916 with cabins, motel type rooms, and the Roosevelt fireplace cottages. It has an award winning restaurant with a view from the table out over Lake Crescent. The food is outstanding, if a little expensive, and the ambiance is thrilling. And the weekend was very sunny and clear, so the views were outstanding.

After lunch we went back to the campground where we spent the afternoon catching up on what's been happening in our life's since last fall. Paul helped John walk the campground and greet all of the new guests. They both seem to enjoy getting out around the campground and enjoying the views and the lake.

Linda prepared her famous Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas which we all enjoyed, then we played Mexican Train into the evening. The next day we met back at the Lodge for their breakfast buffet, then back to the campground for more conversations. Finally, Paul & Kathy had to leave for the long drive back to Albany, about a 4 hour drive.

We really enjoyed the visit and it brighten our days at the campground. We promised to visit again when we leave after Labor Day and head into Oregon.

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