Friday, July 18, 2008

Sequim Lavender Festival

Every year in Sequim, WA, there's a weekend festival based around lavender. Sequim is a unique town about 30 miles east of our campground. All of those mountains that you saw in the pictures of Hurricane Ridge are directly west of Sequim. Most of the weather comes from the ocean to the west, so the rain falls in the western slopes of the mountains. By the time the clouds get to Sequim, they have lost most of their moisture. Therefore, where the Hoh gets 12 feet of rain a year, Sequim gets less that 2 feet. This creates a nice microclimate for growing a lot of different crops from all kinds of berries to lavender.

The festival celebrates lavender in all kinds of different ways. There's a lot of different food flavored with lavender, including lavender wine. There's a tour of 8 different farms where over 144 different varieties of lavender are grown. At some farms you even pick your own lavender. There's also animals at some of the farms such as these lamas.

The lavender is really beautiful as this closeup shows.

At one of the farms there was a classic car show. Linda saw one of her favorite cars, a '57 T-Bird.

If you would like more information for next years festival, please click on the following link:

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