Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We Settle into a Routine

We're beginning to understand our new jobs, and how to do them. We've actually started to get into a routine, like our bad old days when had to "work".

Our day starts out with letting our dog, Pearl, outside and then feeding her breakfast. Then we move on to our breakfast, which we usually share with Pearl. Oh to live a dog's life. We listen to our XM radio to catch up on the news on the Fox News Channel.

Then Linda goes out into the campground to pull the tickets of those campers who are not staying for the next night. These have to be organized, and compared to the audit sheets we do everyday. Then we take a walk around the campground to check for any fires left going, or a messy site. We like to keep all of the sites clean for new customers. Linda usually sweeps out the restrooms. We don't have to clean the restrooms, but she likes to make sure everything is tidy. And then we take off to do something during the middle of the day on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

After we get back to the campground, we feed Pearl, and then check the boards for new check ins. We record these on the audit sheet and then walk the campground and check if the campers are in a tent or an RV. We also greet all of the new arrivals, answer any questions on the Park or the area, and hand out the Park newspaper. We remind them of the campground rules which include no gathering of wood, no food left out at night, and quiet hours from 10:00pm to 6:00am. We also check to make sure everyone has paid for the night.

Our routine changes a little on Tuesday because we have to meet with the ranger to collect the money envelopes and get them ready for deposit.

On Fridays and Saturdays our campground get very busy, especially if the weather is good. Most of the campers are locals from the Port Angeles or Squim. They are mostly tent campers. Usually the campground is full by 4:00pm, and we have to tell people where they might find a site at other campgrounds. We also do the money collection with the ranger on Saturdays. It always surprises us how many of the campers move on Saturday after staying Friday night. Usually it about half of the sites become available on Saturday morning.

That's our normal week. We do a lot of walking up and down the hills of the campground, which we enjoy and it's helping us get into better shape. There's nothing difficult about it, but we work with some great people from the National Park, and we've met some very interesting people who for a short time were our guests.

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