Saturday, October 25, 2008

Results from the Doctor-Good News

John had his follow up appointment with a new Doctor located in Santa Monica. Dr. Ehrhart had worked with Dr. Larson during his internship at St. John's hospital, so there was good communication between the Doctors, and we were confident that Dr. Ehrhart would give us a good follow up examination.

After filling out all of the forms and getting insurance clearance, we went into the exam room. John had to go out for another x-ray to check up on the healing process. Everything is now digital, so there's now waiting for the film to develop, and the results are available on a computer screen. For you technical types out there, they had an interesting system where the x-ray is on a portable tablet PC, which is slipped into a docking station. and a large LCD screen gives the detail view of the hip.

The hip is healing well, and John was told he could put total weight on his right leg for the first time since the Sept. 5. The Doctor then spent time with John showing him how to walk and encouraging him to put more weight on his right leg. It was a difficult transition because John is still using the walker for stability, and he naturally wanted to take the weight off by supporting himself with his arms. But, he began to get the hang of it. He'll use the walker for another week, then he'll transfer to a cane in his left hand. Linda's still concerned that John will try to do to much to fast, but she'll keep him in check. One of the benefits is that John is now the designated driver again. Linda is a great driver, but she doesn't like driving on all of the freeways and traffic in SoCal.

We'll be going to Chase's baptism on Sunday, then we're off to visit our friends in Turlock. Through our good friends and old neighbor, Dave & Jean Drayer, we'll be able to stay in their pool house so we can drive the Pilot. Linda has really been giving a deep cleaning to the MoHo, including all of the closets. We'll both have to do some clothes shopping when John gets to walking better.

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paulsharol said...

walking after surgery is a pain I had ostpotic kneww surgery and it takes time