Friday, October 17, 2008

Woodburn, Oregon

We decided to stay here because it's halfway between Portland & Salem and it's right off I-5 behind a large factory outlet mall. We don't have the biggest site, but it's a pull through with 50 amp power. And the temperature was 72 degrees and sunshine. We are loving it.

On Monday afternoon Linda visited the outlet mall, but wasn't impressed. The only thing she bought was for Jeni. Go figure. Oh, and she bought a new can opener. Whoopee. John had to stay at the coach because they didn't have any carts for him to ride around in.

On Tuesday we met with Ron & Dona Davis, another friend for Monaco Northwest, for lunch in Wilsonville. We met Ron & Dona at our first rally in GA while we were back visiting Jeni. They were our mentors, and they took us under their wing and showed us the ropes. Ron knows about everything about a motorhome, and Dona makes beautiful jewelry. They are the ones that invited us to the Monaco Northwest rally in Birch Bay last summer, where we met some more great friends. It took us 3 hours to eat lunch and talk. They hold a very special place in our hearts!

After a tearful goodbye to our good friends, we went over the other side of the freeway to one of the newer Costco's. John's been waiting since his retirement to buy a new SLR camera, and every time he decided on a model the companies would announce new models and he would want to wait. Well, the waiting is over and John has a new Canon that he'll be happy to show you next time we see you.

Wed. was our problem day. John had ordered new tires for our Honda Pilot through They arrived in Salem, and we drove down to have them put on. They took all of our information, and we went into the supercenter to shop while they mounted the tires. An hour later they called our names in the store. We though they were done. But no, they just figured out that they couldn't mount the tires because they couldn't reset the tire pressure monitoring system. So the next day we took the tires, at a reduced price, to Les Schwab tire center to have the tires mounted.

After we left the tire center, we continued to drive south to our old town of Albany where we had dinner and a fine time visiting with Paul and Kathy Ross. They had visited us when we were at Lake Crescent, but we still had a lot of catching up to do. We wish we lived closer so that we could see them more often. It's probably going to be 2010 before we see them again, but we'll keep in touch by email and telephone. Thank goodness for weekend free calling.

We'll leave Woodburn on Friday, 10-17 and start our way south towards SoCal.

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