Saturday, January 30, 2010

Helping Friends and Geocaching

Saturday turned out to be another beautiful day.  We started the day meeting Bob & Maggie at the Goodyear Marketplace.  They had an appointment to have new seat covers installed on their tow vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser.  So we thought we would pick them up and have a nice brunch instead of having them wait.

We wanted to try a local restaurant (sorry Donna) so we choose Bill Johnson’s Big Apple.  It’s known for its steaks and BBQ, but also has a great cowboy style breakfast.  I had a sausage & cheddar cheese omelet, and Linda had a short stack of pancakes.  Both were large portions and delicious.  And the fellowship made it special.

When we got back to the Marketplace the car was done and the seats looked like new.  We wandered around the stands looking for good buys, but we didn’t buy anything.

We headed back to the MoHo, and gathered up our geocaching gear and hit the road looking for adventure.  We looked for 3 caches, and found all 3.  But it took us a while.  We’re out of practice, but it started the juices flowing for finding more caches.  One of the caches was a 2 part, where you find the original spot and then it gives you the coordinates of the cache’s hiding place.  Here’s what we found at the original spot.IMG_0142 There’s a lot of caches around us, but most of them are micro or small, there’s very few large ones where we can leave some good stuff.

For those of you who don’t know about geocaching, here’s a link to explain it:

If you want to try it, call or email us and we’ll arrange a meeting place to go caching.  It’s great fun, and you can do it all over the world.  And it gets you outside and away from the TV and the computer.

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Dkalla said...

I was waiting to read that you and Linda shared....that would have been great...hee hee Geocaching is fun, and you are good teachers with great patience...:-)