Saturday, January 23, 2010

Someone Call Noah


We came home Wednesday to avoid the bad weather that was forecast.  We left in nice warm sunshine, took the shortcut by the fire station, and hit I-10 about 10:30.  We made a quick stop at Zip’s Truck Stop to top off our diesel, then headed for Exit 109, the Sun Valley Parkway.  I’ve missed this exit a couple of times, but I think I have it memorized now.  It’s the back way to Surprise and Happy Trails.  We made good time, and got the MoHo backed in with no problems.  Then we hooked up the electric, water, and sewer.  We didn’t extend the awnings because of the bad weather that was forecasted, but got everything else up and covered (screens and tires). 

Pearl seemed very happy to be back to concrete instead of rocks.  The day was so nice, we thought the weatherman got it wrong.  Boy, was I wrong.  That night the rain started, and we didn’t think it was going to stop.  The official rainfall total was almost 6 inches.  And the water was everywhere.  You would think in the desert that it would just soak in, but no, it creates instant rivers over the dry washes.  So on Thursday we just stayed in and enjoyed some TV, books and Linda beaded.

On Friday we went out to check out the neighborhood and there was a lot of mud on the roadways, water running down the streets, and lakes where there used to be sand traps.  We visited our friend Maxine who was in the hospital after gall bladder surgery.  She looked much better, and we’re hoping she gets better soon.  We had dinner at Ron & Ethyl’s house and the golf course fairway in their backyard is now a lake.  They had a pump working to try to drain it, but it didn’t seem to be doing much good.  Hopefully the worst of the rain is behind us.  The news stated that they haven’t had this much winter rain since 1962.  I guess it all this climate change.

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Dkalla said...

I was wondering about you two, as someone from our Church said her family was flooded out. Glad to hear you were OK with no leaks or damage!!