Monday, February 28, 2011

Farewell to Our Best Friend

We’re sorry to tell all of our friends that we have lost our best friend, companion, “best child”, and “fur kid”, Pearl.


She was 16 years old when we lost her, which is very old for a large dog.  We rescued her when she was 6, so we had 10 great years together.

She was originally a breeding dog, and kept in a small area for her first few years.  She never had a chance to learn about how to be a dog, but we didn’t care.  Her next owners lived in a condo and kept her in a bedroom and let her outside on a deck.  Not good for an active retriever.  Then the owner had kids, and Pearl was to much trouble.  A coworker told me about her, and I asked her to bring her by to meet Linda.  It was love at first sight, and Pearl had a real home for the first time.

She didn’t do a lot of doggie things.  She didn’t chase a ball, or play tug-a-war with a towel.  She didn’t like water, which was rare for a pure bred Lab.  But she loved us, and we loved her just the way she was.

Charleston, SC-99

She loved her time in Turlock, where Linda would take her for long walks through the alleys so she didn’t have to be on a leash.  The only time she barked was when she wanted to come into the house from outside.  She stood at the back door and gave out 1 deep “woof”.  And we would let her in.  After all, she was the queen.

When we sold the house and moved into the MoHo, Pearl adapted really well to life on the road.  She enjoyed meeting new people, and smelling all of the different scents as we moved around the U.S.

Metolis River, OR 5-19-2007 2-47-24 PMDSCN0664-1 

She loved meeting other dogs and other friends.



This last year we have stayed at our condo in Laguna Woods just to make Pearl’s last days as comfortable as possible.  Even with the ramp, she had trouble getting into and out of the MoHo.  And it was worth it to get another 10 months with our Pearl.

Now it doesn’t seem the same.  We both have moments when we think our Pearl is still with us.  And we think of all of the great times we shared together.  We are so thank full for the great 10 years together.  And our hearts have a permanent hole in them.

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