Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iris & Violet Come for a Visit

This was a busy week for us.  I still had my class to teach, and Linda started with her income tax appointments.  She is scheduled all day on Wednesdays.  It’s almost like a real job, except that she doesn’t get paid! Some of her older clients can be really cranky.  I guess no one likes to pay taxes.

On Friday we watched Iris & Violet of Rik & Valerie.  We always love spending time with these energetic young ladies.  Linda and the girls spent some time with GG (Great Grandma Lois) and then came out to the condo.  I made some spaghetti for dinner, which everyone enjoyed.  Linda did some crafts with the girls, and then they turned in for the night.  After a healthy breakfast, we went to visit the horses.  There a stables here in Laguna Woods, and we’ve taken Iris to visit the horses before.  She always enjoys them, but in the past she has been a little scared of them, and wouldn’t pet them or get to close.  Well, they are awful big! But this time she went right up to them and wasn’t frightened at all.  And Violet enjoyed them also.



There was classes going on and we were able to watch them in the arena.  There was also a horse getting a bath that the kids enjoyed watching.  We had a really great time, but we had to drop the girls off at their house so that they could go to a party.

On Saturday night we went to a performance of “The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber”.  It starred Bill Hutton, who was the original Joseph on Broadway and starred for 749 performances, and Dale Kristien who played Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and in Los Angeles.  In fact, when we first saw Phantom in L.A., she was the star.  They were both very good with a wide selection of songs with a great pianist providing the music.  It was a great night with many standing ovations.

We had a quiet Valentine’s day with a special dinner cooked by ME, that turned out very well.  Sometimes it’s just good to stay home and enjoy each other, rather than to go out with the crowds.  It sounds like I’m getting old doesn’t it.

That’s it for now, more news next week. 

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