Monday, February 21, 2011

Jeni’s Special Birthday

Our daughter, Jeni, has not been able to celebrate her birthday with the family for four years because she’s been on the East Coast pursuing her PhD.  Now that she’s in AZ, it’s easier for everyone to get together.  And this year is one of those birthdays that ends with a 0, so her Mom wanted it to be extra special.
The day start with all of the ladies meeting at the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona.  This is a 10 acre facility with hot springs and many pools.
glen ivy
Here is a group shot before everyone went off to their appointments.
The ladies spent the whole day there being treated as the Princesses they are.  Meanwhile, I was home shopping and cooking the birthday dinner, with my homemade sour cream chicken enchiladas as the star.  We all me at Linda’s sister, Donna’s,  house for dinner, games and presents.
Two of Jeni’s good friends from her time in Thousand Oaks came all the way to the spa day and dinner.
Even thought it was Jeni’s birthday, the kids still got a lot of attention.
And a good time was had by everyone, especially the birthday girl!

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