Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We just want to wish everyone a very "Happy Valentine Day". We know each of you spent it differently, but we're sure in a very special way. We've been blessed during our 39 years of marriage, and each special day we try to look back and remember all of the special times we've spent with friends and family. Thank you for all of these special years.

We spent the day together, like most days since our retirement. We put together a birthday package for Jeni's birthday on 2/19. We took it to the post office, then we went to a special lunch. We decided a long time ago that fine restaurants serve great lunches at lower prices than dinners, and it's a lot less crowded on holidays.
The restaurant we choose is the Yard House. It's a new chain that is mostly a sports bar. It had lots of TVs around the room, but it played nice music during the lunch. It was very good, and we'll probably go back to try other items on the menu.
After lunch we went to the movies, something we don't do often enough. Since it was a matinee, it was lower priced and less crowded. We saw Bucket List, which was recommended by Lois. She was right on, it was a great movie that kept your attention during the entire film. We both left teary eyed at the end.
Share with us how you spent Valentine's day in the comment section.

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Jeni said...

A birthday package?! Intriguing! Can't wait to see it :)