Monday, February 18, 2008

Monaco Rally-Lancaster, CA

We made the three hour journey from La Mirada to Lancaster without a problem other than the potholes that moved everything around in the MoHo. We though that we Californians had passed bond issues to fix the freeways back in 2006. Nothing has happened yet on I-5, we can tell you that from first hand experience!

The rally starts on Monday, but we are meeting some good friends from Monaco Northwest, Ron & Dona Davis, on Saturday so that we can park together. Here's a picture of Ron & Dona's beautiful Signature next to our old Dynasty. They have a great rig.

By the way we have a sort of new addition to the MoHo. We bought a flagpole to attach to the ladder back in March 2007 at the Macon Monaco Rally. Well we finally bought a flag, and John finally got it attached to the ladder. Looks pretty good.

Now all we have to do is figure out a light to keep it lit at night
The real danger of this rally is right behind the motorhome. There sits all of the new Monaco models, all bright, shiney, and having that new coach smell. Oh, the temptation.

They have numerous events around the coaches to get you close to them and salesmen, starting tonight with beer, wine, soup & hors d'oeuvres(I had to look up the spelling of that). Hopefully we will be able to resist. With the stock market performance this year we'll probably keep what we have.

But they are awfully tempting. There' vendors here selling everything from sponges to new shades so we'll probably buy something.
There's also seminars on different parts of the motorhomes, craft classes, dinners, entertainment and good fellowship. We'll let you know what happens.

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