Saturday, February 23, 2008

Monaco Rally-Lancaster, CA Recap

Well the rally is over and I still have my checkbook intact. Though we were tempted and the salesman hasn't given up, we think we'll keep our current coach for another year.

If you're wondering what a rally is like, it's like spending a week with some of your best friends. Each day starts with a full breakfast. During the day there's seminars, crafts, and classes. The techs come and work on your coach to fix small problems. There's a vendor room to tempt you with new goodies.

At night there's a happy hour from 5 to 6 with a complete bar and a salad bar. The bar closes at 6, then there's announcements and introductions. Then a full dinner is served, including desserts. After dinner there's entertainment. On Tuesday night they featured the Diamonds, who played 50s music. On Wednesday there was a one man band, who did comedy, impressions, and played 2 instruments at the same time. On Thursday they featured a 11 piece swing band(John's favorite). And on Friday, the final night, they featured a country band. Lots of clapping, dancing and fun.

The weather was nice on Sunday & Monday, but on Tuesday a cold front blew in and I mean blew. The weather was cold with a 30MPH wind blowing. Most of the activities were inside so it didn't really affect our enjoyment of the rally, but going from venue to venue was very cold. And, since the new coaches were outside, we didn't spend much time in them. God works in mysterious ways.

We had a very good time, but with the next 3 rallies in the Midwest and the east coast, we don't know when we'll be able to attend another one. But if we're close to one, you can bet we'll attend it.

If you're interested in the new Monaco coaches, here's a link to their website:

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