Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wilderness Lakes

We've moved our home from Desert Hot Springs to Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA. We've stayed at this park many times, but we like the park and it's close to Matt & Suzanne. We're also got to pickup our dog, Pearl, from Lois who was very nice to watch her while we were out in the desert. We've missed her very much, and it's great to have her back. She seemed to enjoy it also, with a lot of new smells from all of the other dogs in the park to sniff at during her walks. There's a lot of ducks, geese, and other birds at this park. We enjoy the birds so much we bought a humingbird feeder and a seed feeder to put out during our travels.
Our humingbird feeder is really neat. It attaches to the window in our living room. At first we thought that the glass would deter the hummers, but it wasn't long before we had our first visitor. It's really fun watching our visitors from inside our home.

While we're here we plan to finish our projects at Matt & Suzanne's, do some geocaching, and John is going to wash and wax our dirty home. Let's hope he doesn't hurt himself.

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Jeni said...

That is SO cool that the hummingbird came right up to you!!!!!!!!!!!!