Friday, April 09, 2010

The Hip Doctor

On Wednesday we made the trip to Santa Monica to see my Orthopedic Doctor.  My hip has gotten worst the last couple of months when it should be continuing to get better.  We were both very concerned.

After the X-Rays were taken (I wear sweats with no metal so I don’t have to put on a hospital gown) the Doctor came in to see us.  He took one look at the film and said you’ve got a problem. 

To review where the hip was injured, the break is between the femur and the knob that fits into the pelvis.  It’s a small thin connection area, and to heal the break the Doctor in Port Angeles put in a plate and some screws.  It was very slow healing, but on the last visit the Doctor determined that it was fully healed.

This time he said that the break was fine, but the knob that fits into the socket of the hip bone had died, and now the knob had collapsed.  That’s what caused the increase in pain and the limping.  The only solution is a total hip replacement.

So it’s back to the hospital for me.  We don’t know when as the insurance (workman’s comp) has to approve the surgery.  Hopefully it will be in the next 2 to 4 weeks.  It’s not that painful so there’s no big rush.  When I get a date and more information I’ll post it here in the blog.

So that’s our latest adventure.  It just goes to show that everything in our lives is not fun and games.  The Doctor said that the recovery is very fast, and I’ll be able to do anything I want after a short time.  Including golf, hiking, and geocaching.  So I really have something to look forward to.


Dkalla said...

Will keep you in our prayers, that first you get in quickly, and second that it heals quickly!! Thanks for the update!

Connie said...

Both of you are in my prayers.