Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our Winter Adventures End

Tuesday morning we loaded up the MoHo for the last time on this trip, and headed into the dreaded Los Angeles freeways.  We left about 9:00am, with one last toot of the air horn as a goodbye to our friends Bob & Maggie.  They’re staying at Indian Waters until Easter, and then start heading North to their home in Bellingham, WA.  We wish them a very safe journey.

We timed it well to make it through the Santa Ana Canyon on Hwy. 91, down the 55 to I-5 and then South to Laguna Woods.  We called ahead for permission to park on the street by our condo to unload and take everything out of MoHo.  We discovered stuff we haven’t seen for years!

A big disappointment was our entrance into the condo.  We contracted for a new floor and finishing off the kitchen ceiling and lights while we gone.  The work was done, and it was just as we had requested.  But the problem was that it was a mess.  There was dust everywhere from the drywall and flooring installation.  That really put a damper on our homecoming.

Wednesday was a big day for us, as we finally moved MoHo into it’s permanent storage spot here in Laguna Woods, space 446.  We’ve been waiting for a year for a spot to open up that will hold our 40’ motorhome.  The nice part is that the rental is only $160 a year, versus $170 a month we were paying at El Toro.   Big savings.  It was a good fit and we currently have no one parked next to us so that we can work on the MoHo with plenty of space.

We spent the rest of the week cleaning up the mess left by our contractors, catching up on laundry, shopping and settling in.  We went down and visited Linda’s Mom on Thursday to install her new computer and printer.  Both are working just fine, but it’ll take a while to get use to the new screens.  It’s a big jump from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Linda’s a great trainer, and she’ll have her Mom up to speed in no time.

So we’re back at the beach.  We don’t know how long we’ll stay here or when we’ll start traveling again because of unknown factors.  As we get things settled, we’ll plan our travels for the Summer.  Stay tuned for updates.

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