Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Split Up

But only for the day.  Linda and her sister Donna picked up Chase and took him to the San Diego Zoo.  I had a luncheon appointment with my second cousin, Judy, to deliver the hands.

You’re probably thinking “what hands”.  The Bauman family has a tradition that dates back to 1883 of wax hands on the wedding cake for members of the family.











Judy’s daughter is getting married in May in Rhode Island and she wanted the hands for the celebration.  So the tradition continues! Is that neat or what.  We had a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and we had a pleasant hour catching up with family news.  When I was growing up I was lucky to be close to a lot of my cousins, and the families would get together for any holiday.

Meanwhile, the sisters were having a great time with Chase at the Zoo.



DSCN0065 There’s a lot more pictures at this link:

So we’re having a good time here in SoCal while we wait for a surgery date.


Connie said...

That is an amazing tradition!!

Ken&Peggy said...

John and Linda: So good to read your Blog. You did a terrific job with it, pictures, slide show and all. Mine wasn't half that good.
Linda, your green thumb is fabulous and you have given me good ideas for our front courtyard since we have to maintain ours as well.
John, you keep up the good work on that hip recovery. You have blazed a trail for me. Mine is July 19th.
Pearl, sweet Pearl, we miss your sweet face.
Hope to see you 3 this winter. Happy Trails is calling you!!
Ken and Peggy Harding and Coco too!