Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Finally a Surgery Date-May 10

Not much exciting has been happening with us as we waded through all of the hassles of preparing for my hip surgery.

First we had to get approval from the Department of Labor because it’s covered under workman’s comprehensive.  The original case worker was based in Seattle because that’s where the injury occurred.  But he’s gone, and the person that replaced him thought that it should go to the SD office.  When I explained to her that we are currently in SoCal, she wanted to transfer the case to the San Francisco office which would have delayed things.  I finally convinced her to keep the claim because we’re a moving target and who knows where we’ll be next.

Because of the second surgery, it had to be approved by a different manager, so we had to wait for that.  Finally everything is approved.  We had our choice of dates as long as it was on a Monday.  The closest openings were for 7:00am on 5-10,  or 10:30am on 5-17.  We have to be at the hospital 2 hours before the surgery.  Even though it means we have to be there at 5:00am, I opted for the closer appointment.  I want to get it over with and start the recovery process so we can enjoy a least part of the summer.

I had to get a physical before the surgery to make sure my heart was beating and a chest x-ray.  Everything went well, so we’re ready to go on Monday.

The surgery will be at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica.  So we’re going to get a hotel room for Sunday night so we don’t have a long drive on Monday morning.

Hopefully this will be the final act in a long running play.  I have confidence in the Doctor, and I’m going to push myself for a successful recovery.  Stay tuned.


Connie said...

Gary and I are praying for both of you.

Dkalla said...

My prayers have been with you, and I pray that you don't try to push the recovery to quickly....just take it easy, and let it heal before you go and start GeoCatching (spelling??) and golfing....ha!