Thursday, May 20, 2010

Out & About, and the Torture Ends

I finally got out of the house on Wednesday.  Linda drove of course.  Hopefully I’ll be able to drive after my Doctor’s Appointment in one week.

We stopped by the MoHo to pickup some stuff we needed that we hadn’t transferred to the condo.  The longer we’re here, the more stuff that’s in the condo and not in the MoHo.  Linda did bring back some sheets and towels that she had taken out to wash.  Oh, the most important item we picked up was my cane, left over from the last surgery.  I didn’t get to go into the MoHo, but it nice to see her.

Next stop was the El Toro branch of the library.  I actually got out of the car and walked in to pick up some new books, and we returned some of the books I checked out before the surgery.  The cane worked well, but I could tell it’s been a while since I’ve done a lot of walking.

The next stop was PetsMart, where we got more food for Pearl.  As she’s gotten older, her digestive system doesn’t work as well.  So we switched her food to a more easily digested mixture of dry and canned food mixed with some low sodium chicken broth.  She seems to like it.  But only time will tell if it’s better for her.

Our last stop was at Ralph’s Grocery Store.  They have those electric carts that people in my situation can use.  I got pretty good at driving the aisles and getting everything we needed for the next few days.  And it was easy on my hip.

Oh, and the torture?? Thursday was the last day of the twice daily shots in the stomach! Linda got really good at giving me the shots, but they still weren’t my favorite medications.  At long last they’re done.  Now if only I could get rid of the compression stockings…..


Dkalla said...

It sounds like you are really making progress, that is great to hear!! Thanks for the update!

Sharri said...

Good to hear that you are doing so well. Thanks for the updates, we love hearing from you both!