Saturday, June 30, 2007

South Jetty, Florence, OR

We left the Monaco repair facilities in Coberg, OR, and drove a short distance to the Oregon Coast. We're staying in a Thousand Trails campground called South Jetty near Florence. If you would like to see what the campground looks like, click here. Florence is located directly west of Eugene, OR. We plan to stay here for 10 days to hunker down during the July 4 camping madness. We've decided that traveling during the 3 major summer holidays is not a good idea.

On the way over to the coast, surprise, it rained. This was good because it gave us a chance to check on how well the new windshield was seated. Well, it leaked! John called Monaco immediately and scheduled another repair service after we leave the coast. Oh, well, it's just like owning a house something always needs repair.

We're excited because we're expecting our first visitors since we hit the road. Bob & Kathy Whitehead will be driving up from Turlock to spend July 4 week with us. We're really looking forward to seeing them and showing them some of the Oregon coast.