Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Visit with Jaxson

After getting back from AZ, Linda was in need of William fix,  Luckily, Suzanne had a Doctor’s appointment (everything was great) and she wanted Linda to babysit if possible.  The question was how was Linda going to get out there, or would John be left behind without a car.  Linda saw a Pechanga bus go by on the highway, and she wondered if the bus serviced Orange County.  She called, and guess what? It picks up everyday at Laguna Woods at 7:45 AM, and returns at 5:30 PM.  You know us old people like to contribute to the economy! So she arranged for a one way trip to Pechanga, met Matt and took his car(our truck) to Suzanne & William’s home. Then Suzanne took her car into Temecula for the appointment, and picked up Matt after work.  How about that for quick thinking on Linda’s part.  Then I went out to see Jaxson on Saturday just so he wouldn’t forget me (how could he).





Linda had a great time with William.  And she had a nice visit with Suzanne, and spent some so-so time with Matt.  William always gets the most attention, as he deserves.

For more pictures of William Jaxson click on the following link:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Landscaping Update

If you remember last June I wrote in a post titled “Under the Weather” I talked about some of the landscaping change we’re making around the condo.  Well we’re finally making progress.

The roses are planted.


We did some transplanting and added a Meyer Lemon tree to the slope on the side of the house.


It already has some blooms on it.  We should have lemons by next spring.  Perfect timing.  We moved some plants to create a pathway to the water facet.


There was a beautiful evergreen plant that produced blue flowers. We still don’t know the official name of the plant.  However, every time it started to bloom, the gardeners would trim it back.  So moving it so it will spill down the slope will allow the flower to bloom completely.  It’s just behind the hanging plants.


So now I all need is some pavers to the get cleanly to the facet, and build a trellis to the left of the roses behind the Heavenly Bamboo.  A good post holiday project.  I’ll keep you informed of our progress.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Laguna Sunsets

Linda went off to AZ to help Jeni out, (and to get away from me), leaving Pearl and me to fend for ourselves.  I had a few commitments including working in the PC Workshop, the Camera Lab, assisting in a Windows 7 class, and attending a volunteer dinner and taking pictures.  I also got the car serviced and bought new tires.  Linda now thinks she should go away more often!

The weather was cool and unsettled all week, and on Saturday afternoon we had a break in the weather, but an interesting cloud layer.  I thought that it could create a pretty sunset, so I fed  Pearl and headed for Laguna Beach, and Heilser Park in particular.  The park is just north of downtown Laguna Beach and includes a promenade on the bluff above the beach, and stairways down to the beach.  There are many rocky areas and tide pools to explore and picnic areas for groups and families.

Here’s the view when I got there.


It seems that many photographers had the same idea.



And the kids were playing in the surf.



And of course there was a beautiful sunset.




I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoyed taking them.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Little Hummers

We’ve put a couple of hummingbird feeders here at our condo.  We had a regular bird feeder up for a while, but they asked us to take it down for a while to keep the rodents away.

For more information on hummingbird, see this article:

When we put our first feeder up, we had a dominate male that chased all the other birds away.  So we got a larger feeder so that he wouldn’t be able to dominate anymore.  Well, we got a lot of hummers! At times there’s 12 different birds trying to feed at the same time.  Here’s our first feeder:


And our second larger feeder:


Now we’re having to fill the feeders twice a day! We’re always looking for a sale on sugar, and having to boil syrup every night.  But we enjoy watching their antics and we can hear them buzzing trying to get to the feeders.

I haven’t had much success getting good photos of the hummers.  They fly to fast and can be out of focus quickly.  Here’s the best ones I’ve taken so far:



I can’t seem to get the bird to pop out of the background.  I’ll keep trying, it gives me a good assignment.

Come visit us and enjoy our flying circus!