Saturday, October 25, 2008

Results from the Doctor-Good News

John had his follow up appointment with a new Doctor located in Santa Monica. Dr. Ehrhart had worked with Dr. Larson during his internship at St. John's hospital, so there was good communication between the Doctors, and we were confident that Dr. Ehrhart would give us a good follow up examination.

After filling out all of the forms and getting insurance clearance, we went into the exam room. John had to go out for another x-ray to check up on the healing process. Everything is now digital, so there's now waiting for the film to develop, and the results are available on a computer screen. For you technical types out there, they had an interesting system where the x-ray is on a portable tablet PC, which is slipped into a docking station. and a large LCD screen gives the detail view of the hip.

The hip is healing well, and John was told he could put total weight on his right leg for the first time since the Sept. 5. The Doctor then spent time with John showing him how to walk and encouraging him to put more weight on his right leg. It was a difficult transition because John is still using the walker for stability, and he naturally wanted to take the weight off by supporting himself with his arms. But, he began to get the hang of it. He'll use the walker for another week, then he'll transfer to a cane in his left hand. Linda's still concerned that John will try to do to much to fast, but she'll keep him in check. One of the benefits is that John is now the designated driver again. Linda is a great driver, but she doesn't like driving on all of the freeways and traffic in SoCal.

We'll be going to Chase's baptism on Sunday, then we're off to visit our friends in Turlock. Through our good friends and old neighbor, Dave & Jean Drayer, we'll be able to stay in their pool house so we can drive the Pilot. Linda has really been giving a deep cleaning to the MoHo, including all of the closets. We'll both have to do some clothes shopping when John gets to walking better.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We Made It To SoCal

We made it all the way to Los Angeles without a problem.

We left Woodburn and stopped in Redding, staying overnight at the Wind River Casino. It was John's decision, but because of construction the lot was tight. But the site was very quiet and the security was helpful. They are building a new RV park.

Then the boring drive down I-5. To give John a break, Linda drove the motorhome about 200 miles. She did a great job, and John was only nervous the first 50 miles. After that he relaxed and enjoyed the view from the co-pilot's seat. We even got to stop at an In & Out Burger for dinner.

So we're parked in Lois's driveway in La Mirada, enjoying her hospitality. Linda is taking the motorhome apart, cleaning everything. We had a problem with mildew and mold during our wet and cold stay in Olympic National Park. So she's taken everything out of the closet, drawers, & cupboards, cleaned them, and then reorganized it. No one does a better job at cleaning.

John has a Doctor's appointment on Friday, then we have Chase's baptism on Sunday. Then we're taking the pilot and heading for Turlock for an appointment with John's cancer doctor. We'll let you know what the results are.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Woodburn, Oregon

We decided to stay here because it's halfway between Portland & Salem and it's right off I-5 behind a large factory outlet mall. We don't have the biggest site, but it's a pull through with 50 amp power. And the temperature was 72 degrees and sunshine. We are loving it.

On Monday afternoon Linda visited the outlet mall, but wasn't impressed. The only thing she bought was for Jeni. Go figure. Oh, and she bought a new can opener. Whoopee. John had to stay at the coach because they didn't have any carts for him to ride around in.

On Tuesday we met with Ron & Dona Davis, another friend for Monaco Northwest, for lunch in Wilsonville. We met Ron & Dona at our first rally in GA while we were back visiting Jeni. They were our mentors, and they took us under their wing and showed us the ropes. Ron knows about everything about a motorhome, and Dona makes beautiful jewelry. They are the ones that invited us to the Monaco Northwest rally in Birch Bay last summer, where we met some more great friends. It took us 3 hours to eat lunch and talk. They hold a very special place in our hearts!

After a tearful goodbye to our good friends, we went over the other side of the freeway to one of the newer Costco's. John's been waiting since his retirement to buy a new SLR camera, and every time he decided on a model the companies would announce new models and he would want to wait. Well, the waiting is over and John has a new Canon that he'll be happy to show you next time we see you.

Wed. was our problem day. John had ordered new tires for our Honda Pilot through They arrived in Salem, and we drove down to have them put on. They took all of our information, and we went into the supercenter to shop while they mounted the tires. An hour later they called our names in the store. We though they were done. But no, they just figured out that they couldn't mount the tires because they couldn't reset the tire pressure monitoring system. So the next day we took the tires, at a reduced price, to Les Schwab tire center to have the tires mounted.

After we left the tire center, we continued to drive south to our old town of Albany where we had dinner and a fine time visiting with Paul and Kathy Ross. They had visited us when we were at Lake Crescent, but we still had a lot of catching up to do. We wish we lived closer so that we could see them more often. It's probably going to be 2010 before we see them again, but we'll keep in touch by email and telephone. Thank goodness for weekend free calling.

We'll leave Woodburn on Friday, 10-17 and start our way south towards SoCal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend in Mossy Rock, WA

We left Port Angeles and Olympic National Park for the last time on Sat., 10-11. Linda had to get everything ready to go by herself, and she did a terrific job. We decided to take it slow and easy down Hwy. 101 to I-5, then on to our friends who live off Hwy. 12 on Lake Merwin near Mossy Rock. John was very careful, staying in the right lane and keeping a steady pace. His hip did well, but it was a relief to pull into Allen & Shari's driveway.

We stayed two nights and were treated like royalty. Shari made some great meals, starting with homemade Lasagna. Then the next morning she cooked a full breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fruit. Linda was spoiled because she doesn't get a good breakfast often. On Sun. night it was a special chicken casserole that was outstanding.

The best part of the weekend was the wonderful relaxed setting with wonderful conversations. This was just what we needed after so many hours of just the two of us sitting in the rain & cold. We so appreciate the friends we've made through the Monaco Northwest group.

On Monday we left for Woodburn, OR, where we'll spend a few days visiting old friends and getting some goods where there's no sales tax.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Good News & Disappointments

We went to John's orthopedic Doctor today for a follow up. The good news is he gave John permission to drive so that we can leave Port Angeles and start heading South. The disappointment is that John still can not put any weight on his right leg. Everything is healing well, but the Doctor wants to be cautious. Linda agreed wholeheartedly.

He knows a Doctor in SoCal for a follow up appointment in 2 weeks, so that's where we're heading, slowly. We'll bypass Turlock on our way down, but after the appointment, we'll head back up to Turlock. So we'll still be able to visit with our friends.

So that's it. John still has to use the walker, which is driving him crazy. But as Linda says, we don't want to go through another surgery because John rushed it. As usual, Linda's right.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not Much Happening

It's been quiet up here. We're waiting on pin & needles for the next Doctor's appointment, which is Thursday, Oct. 9 at 3:00pm. Please keep John in your prayers. We're hoping he's healed enough to put weight on his right leg and can start to drive. We want to head south to warmer sunnier weather.

We want to visit some of our friends in SW Washington, then we want to spend some time in Oregon enjoying some shopping in the no sales tax environment. Then on to California to visit our friends in Turlock and check in with some Doctors. Once those are complete, we'll head to southern California to visit family. We'll move on to our site at Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ, for December through March. But everything depends on what the Doctor has to say!

The weather here is turning colder. It was overcast with showers on Saturday & Sunday, then on Monday a big storm with high winds came through. We went down to Sequim today and looking back to the mountains in Olympic National Park they were covered with snow. It seems early, but it's been a very cold summer, and now fall. The high here today was 48. Now you know why we want to start traveling South.

As soon as we know what the Doctor has to say, we'll let you know.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An Average Day

The last couple of days have been average days, almost like we had when we had a stick house(we don't go to work however).

We started on Tues. by getting our oil changed and having the Honda checked over. We found out we need to get new tires. We might wait until we get to Oregon, because they have no sales tax (and the Mo-Ho needs tires too...).

After that we drove to Sequim to shop and do our laundry. We have a small combination washer/dryer in the MoHo, but it only holds a couple of shirts and one pair of pants at a time. So we still go to the laundromat for the sheets and towels. While we were in Sequim we went to Costco (which John always likes ), then onto the laundromat. John sat in the car and read his book and waited.

Then we headed back to the MoHo for dinner and to feed Pearl. We're currently watching a mini-series called "War & Remembrance". It's quite good, but it's long, using 12 video tapes.

Wednesday John had an appointment for a bone density scan. Linda & the doctor thought it would be good to check this for the future. We won't know the results until his doctor appointment on 10-9. It's an easy test, so everyone, not just women, should get one when they reach their 60's.

Linda took John back to the MoHo for a final appointment with his physical therapist, and then ran some errands and grocery shopping. The therapist gave John some written instructions on exercises to do when he can put weight on his leg. He's going to have to learn how to walk again, and build some muscle back into his right leg. We've been very blessed with a great medical team here in Port Angeles.

So now we're sitting here listening to the Dodger-Cub game. We're having a little trouble deciding who to root for because of our son Matt. He's a very devout Cub fan, to the extent that he wears his Cub's jersey when he goes to a Dodger game. Linda & John are old Dodger fans, going way back to when they were dating and going to the nose bleed seats at Dodger stadium. So whoever wins the series will be great with us.

We don't have anything planned for the weekend because the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy. But we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so a quiet weekend might be good.