Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Trails, Surprise,AZ-A Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that the whole month of March is gone. As many of you know we decided to park the motorhome for an entire month in one location. After much investigation, and a little luck, we got reservations at Happy Trails Resort in Surprise, AZ. You can read about Happy Trails in another post here:

Here's a picture of our site. It backed up on a dry wash, or greenbelt, where we enjoyed feeding the doves & quails. In fact we went through 25lbs of bird seed.

We really enjoyed our site and it's proximity to the clubhouse and our good friends, Allen & Shari. A lot of activities happened during the month. You can read about our visit to Biosphere 2 and Best Friends in other posts. Here's a summation of the other things we do.

We settled in the first week. Linda attended a line dancing class that she really enjoyed. We went to dinner with old friends from the Monaco Northwest group, and new friends that we were introduced to at the resort. Linda spent a weekend in Los Angeles attending a very special baby shower for Katie Wedell and visited with family.

We also went Geocaching. In fact we discovered 10 caches in one day, a new record for us. One of the caches was "A duck out of water" which was out in the desert in a dry wash.
It gave us a chance to try out one of our special Christmas presents, a special pack to wear when Geocaching. Both of kids, Jeni & Matt, made these for us. Otherwise I wouldn't allow a picture of them on me.

We also got to attend a Los Angeles Dodgers exhibition baseball game that took place in Surprise. They played the hometown Kansas City Royals. The stadium is brand new and beautiful. The game was a long one, but we stayed until the very end. The Dodgers came back from a 5 run deficit, but fell short by 1 run. There was a total of 31 hits, and 13 pitchers were used. We really enjoyed the whole experience. In case you didn't know, the Dodgers are moving their spring training to Glendale, AZ, next year from Florida. It should make it a fun spring of 2009.
In summary, we really enjoyed the area and the fact that we were in one place for a longer period of time. We made some very good friends, and we appreciated the fact that it only 5 hours from our family in Southern California. We're currently planning on spending November through March in Happy Trails next year.

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