Monday, August 02, 2010

Linda’s Getting Better & I Go On a Field Trip

Linda is slowly getting better, but she’s still not well enough for any activities.  It’s better to take it slow and easy until she gets her energy back.

I decided to assign myself a photo project.  I had visited the Laguna Beach visitor center while I was at the library, and picked up some brochures & maps.  As anyone who has known me for a while realizes that this is pretty normal for me.  I can’t seem to drive past a visitor center.  I knew there was a lot of beautiful beaches here, but because of all of the development they’re hard to find.  One beach that was rated high was Crescent beach, north of the town.  So with some clouds in the sky promising an interesting sunset, I took off for some sunset beach photos.

I drove past the beach by mistake and ended up at Crystal Cove.  The $15 entrance fee caused me to turn around and head south again.  I know California is hurting financially, but that seemed like a lot for an hour on the beach.  As I got back into town after all of the gated communities I started to take side streets towards the beach.  I found a pathway down to Crescent Beach, and it was beautiful as promised.  At one end was a point going out with palm trees.IMG_2726 And at the other end was another point.IMG_2719 I saw people standing on the point towards the north and I thought that would be a good place for a sunset picture.  I had to hurry because the sun was setting fast.  I finally found this little park in a residential area.  There was a nice area of grass and some beautiful plantings.  I was surprised there was still an iris blooming.IMG_2739 At the end of the point there were nice views south towards Laguna Beach.IMG_2742 And north towards the sunset.IMG_2746 Next to those palm trees was a beautiful house with all windows.  It had a 180 degree view of the ocean and the rocks down below.  It was fun to watch the sun make it’s progress towards Hawaii.


I wonder if those people in that house really appreciate what they have in their living room every night.  It’s really beautiful, but I still like waterfalls and the mountains better than the beach.  And it’s more affordable.


Dkalla said...

Now that is what I am talking, thanks for sharing!! It really does make you think of Hawaii....good times!!! Keep them coming....:-)

platform bed said...

Congrats! I know that it is going to be all right. I love the photo of that you post. I have never seen a beautiful sunset like that before. It is so romantic. I love it so much.