Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Much Happening, But We’re Busy

Linda is back to her beading club and her Thursday morning classes, in which she learning a lot and getting projects done.  Next month she will be taking a new class on Tuesday morning in Newport where she hopes to learn some advanced techniques.

And she’s doing taxes again this year! After a 4 year vacation, she has volunteered with AARP to help senior citizens in the area file their taxes.  She’s been classes to brush up on what’s new, and then she had to take a test to be certified, which she passed with flying colors.  Her first appointments start on February 9, and she’ll be working every Wednesday until April 18.  Yes, that’s the correct date for the deadline for filing taxes this year.

I’ve got a couple of classes of my beginning Windows 7 class under my belt.  After the first 15 minutes of the first class I knew I had to slow way down and start with the basics.  The class is a real mixture of beginning computer users and people with new computers moving from Windows XP to 7.  Some of them are bored, while others are lost.  Luckily I have 4 good assistants to roam the room and give individual help.  I helped present a program for the PC club on backing up your data from your computer, and it was well received.  It feels good to be back participating in group functions, but it’s taking a lot of time.  We haven’t even been to the beach this year.

We did add a new bike rack to the carport.  This was important because we want to add some additional storage out there for our tools and garden equipment.  These small condos don’t have a lot of storage room.


We also got the new drapes in the living room and wood blinds in the kitchen.  This finishes off the kitchen nicely as they blend with the cabinets.  The drapes are textured sheers that add a nice airy feel to the room, with a decorative rod.

IMG_4324   IMG_4327


That’s about it from “the Village”.  Let us know what you’ve been doing so far this year.

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