Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cabin on the Lake

Allan & Sharri live on Lake Mayfield with a wonderful view of the lake from their deck.


I tried to make the sky a little bluer, but you can tell it was typical Northwest weather, cool and overcast.  The good news is it didn’t rain.

We were able to back the MoHo into Allan & Sharri’s driveway, with Bob & Maggie’s motorhome in the next driveway.  The Kainu’s were the perfect hosts, and we had a great dinner of BBQ steaks.


Their kids Brian & Amy, along with granddaughter Madison, were visiting for the weekend and we got to enjoy their company.


The cabin is really nice.  It started out as a simple A-Frame, but over the years Allan has added more rooms on and remodeled all of the living areas to make it a beautiful home that they live in year round.  And did I mention the beautiful lake view?


Here’s a picture of their kitchen that Allan did a great job of remodeling.


Of course Allan had a lot of help from their son Brian.  He’s a little camera shy.


On Monday we washed the Motorhome from all of the rain encrusted dirt we have picked up here in the Northwest.  Brian washed while I dried.  We also went for a drive around the area and learned about the lake.  We had another great dinner, this time it was Betty’s chicken, a special recipe that Sharri created.  It was delicious, but Sharri wouldn’t share the recipe.  I guess we’ll just have to make a return trip up here to have it again.

Here’s the whole group.


From left to right:  John & Linda, Maggie & Bob, and Sharri & Allen.  Tomorrow we get up at 4:00 AM (are you kidding me) to caravan to the FMCA Northwest rally in our old home town of Albany.

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