Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas, 2007

Christmas is always a big event for the Huber family. We parked the motorhome at Wilderness Lakes again to be near Matt & Suzanne's house. They were hosting Christmas Day at their home of the first time, and Mom & Dad wanted to help.

The weekend started when on Friday when we went to LAX to pickup Jeni. It was great to see her again, even with her heavy bags. Then it was a quick drive(by LA standard)out to Matt's house to let Jeni settle in.

On Sunday, 12/23, John's Mother's side of the family met at Linda & Mike Murphy's house.
Betty has one sister, Shirley, and we are lucky to share Christmas with her family. Shirley had 2 children, Linda & Kathy, who then had 5 children between them, then came all of grandchildren, and now, great grandchildren. It's amazing to think back through the years and remember when Linda, Kathy, & John with the children at Christmas.

It made for a very special day with a house of young children who were very excited about Christmas. Linda made a very special dinner, not an easy feat for so many people, and everyone opened presents. It was a great way to start off the official Christmas celebration.

On Christmas Day, Linda's side of the family met at Matt & Suzanne's house. Linda & John had volunteered to do the cooking. We started in the morning with everyone arriving at different times because of the long distances some of the family had to travel. In fact, Rick, Val, and Iris came all the way from Visalia in Central California. We really appreciated the extra effort they made to come to Matt's house.
Of course, the center of attention for the day was baby Iris. She also received the most presents, go figure.
Jeni seemed to really enjoy her presents, including a new Sony camera.

Matt & Suzanne hit the big score with a new LCD HD television. John's planning on going to Matt's house for the Superbowl!
Everyone got great gifts. Linda & John got many great things for their new traveling lifestyle, from clothes to books to DVDs. There will be no boring times in 2008. There was also presents for the newest members of the family, Michael & Katie's baby, and Rick & Val's second baby. Next year should be interesting.
The downside of the holidays was a spell of sickness that spread through the family, including John's mother. No one was spared and it put a damper on after Christmas activities. But by New Year's Day everyone had recovered enough to watch the Rose Parade and the Football games.
So we finished another great year. Let's hope 2008 is just as good.
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