Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geocaching in Quartzsite

One of our favorite hobbies while we're traveling is geocaching. On Wednesday we had an open day, so we decided to check out caches around "Q". We picked out 6 varied caches and started exploring. We found the first two right away because they were close to where we were parked. The third one was at the Quartzsite golf course. We didn't even know there was any grass in the area, let alone a golf course. Well, our trusty GPS took us out a dirt road (the majority of the roads are dirt) and we found the course. It was real unique!

Of course every country club needs a clubhouse. Here's the one in Quartzsite.

There's a full 18 holes located back and forth across the road. The fairways are wide, but the greens are hard read.

We found the cache and left our golf ball traveling bug there. We figured that it was the perfect spot to leave it, since it wanted to visit all major golf courses in the U.S.

Our final cache took us out of "Q" about 5 miles on the typical dirt road. In fact this road was more of a Jeep trail. It lead us out to the area where Gen. Patton trained his troops in WWII before the invasion of North Africa. There are a lot flat areas where the troops stayed, including some unique arrangements of rocks.

After we drove the car as far as we thought it was safe, we walked the last mile to cache enjoying the historical area. We were the only ones in the area, and we could almost hear the tanks roaring as they trained. As usual Linda with her good eyes for the unusual found the cache. It was an exciting day doing something different in the desert.

Here's where we left the car. We are real glad be bought the pilot with it's high clearance and 4-wheel drive. It lets us do some unusual and exciting things.

On another geocaching note, we helped our friends Bob & Kathy hide a cache along side of the road in front of their farm. It's called the Red Barn, named for Bob's red barn on his ranch. So far 4 people have found the cache. It's almost as exciting for people to find the cache as it is for us to find them.
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