Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Birthdays-We Continue to Age

Linda & John have birthdays in January, two days apart. As we have gotten older, we tend no to want to celebrate them. This year was no exception.

We started off with a nice dinner party here at our lot. There was a total of 5 couples from the Northwest, each bringing their own meat and a side dish. After some appetizers and adult beverages, John started the grill. With the help of the other men the meats were cooked to perfection. The ladies assembled all of the side dishes and we dug in. It was a great evening with a beautiful sunset. The only thing better than the food was the company.

On John's actual birthday, we went to physical therapy. What a way to celebrate. After the torture we stopped at Sonic Drive In so that John could get a cherry limeade. They have a special of a large drink for 99 cents. After the workout we get thirsty. We had lunch at the MoHo, then Linda went off to beading class and John went to the library and ran errands.

John decided he wanted some Chinese food for his birthday so we tried a new restaurant called Pei Wei Asian Diner. This is a diner owned by P.F. Changs. The food is cooked to order in big woks behind the counter and the menu contains many of the same dishes as it's parent. We shared some spring rolls, John enjoyed some crab wontons, and then we shared sweet & sour chicken. It was a good meal, but not as good as the original P.F. Changs. We then had some left over chocolate raspberry cake from the dinner. A good day.

Linda's Birthday started out the same as John's. An hour and a half in the torture chamber. But before we left the MoHo, John started on Linda's special dinner. We found a slow cooker at the garage sale and John used it to cook a pot roast. We cooked it for 10 hours, but it didn't turn out very tender. John must have picked the wrong cut of meat. But the flavor was good and the gravy was very tasty. John is going to try another recipe soon.

We really appreciated all of the cards, emails, and calls on our birthdays. It made all of you a part of our celebration. We only wish we could all be together for a big party. Maybe another birthday in the future!


Jeni said...

Love the update!!! Thanks for blogging :-)

Dkalla said...

Sounds like you guys had some nice birthdays! Thanks for sharing!