Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time Is Passing Quickly

Here it is already Thursday, and it seems like we just got here. We're very comfortable in our new campground and we're enjoying relaxing by the lake. The weather been a little warm to spend much time outside, but we're hoping we'll get use to the humidity.

Linda has spent a lot of time starting the packing. It's hard to know what exactly to pack before everyone gets here, but she's doing her normal great job. The garage is starting to fill up with boxes, but there's still room for Jeni's car. So we have a long ways to go.

We've done a little shopping, but Linda is still looking for the right outfit. Jeni is making out well though as Linda finds new clothes for her. John been cooking most of the meals, but tonight we went out to Ruby Tuesday's for some great hamburgers.

So that's about it, not much exciting but we're really enjoying it. We know it'll start getting hectic next week. So stay tuned for more stories.

In case you're interested in John's iPhone, he's been adding apps like crazy. The iPhone is part phone, part computer. And you can go to the Apple Apps Store to get some amazing software. He'll highlight some during the coming posts in the blog. This time we'll feature Pandora, which is an Internet radio station that you program with your favorite artists or type of music. John picked Frank Sinatra (naturally), Glenn Miller, Michael Buble, and the Boston Pops. He can choose any artist, or choose a random mix of all of them, and the phone will play just those artists. It's pretty neat, but the iPhone needs earphones to get the best sound. But it does use the battery quite a bit. You can also listen to Pandora on your computer with access to the Internet. More next time.


Aunt Connie and Uncle Gary said...

65,000 apps and counting!! John I told you your life would change. I'm sure you know but there are music boxes like Bose ect.. that plug into the ac, has a docking/charging station in them and sound really good. Costco even has one on sale for $49 that includes an alarm clock. Don't forget the free apps and "red light camera" if you know what I mean. Works with the GPS on. Have fun my friend.

Dkalla said...

I have heard of Ruby Tuesday...we have one down here....after looking at their site, I will have to go there....thanks! It sounds like Linda is just being an AWESOME Mom!!! I am sure everything will get done in time!!! And of course John is an AWESOME Dad....:-) On to your new update!