Monday, March 22, 2010

Jerome, AZ

We practiced what we preach by going to Jerome on Monday, rather than a crowded weekend day.  It was my turn to drive so we picked up Bob & Maggie and went up the hill.  The campground is at 3300’, and Jerome is at 5500’. 

Jerome is part ghost town, part art colony, and part tourist trap.  It was founded in 1876 based on the copper that was discovered.  By the 1920’s, the population was about 15,000, making it the fourth largest town in Arizona.  The mines continued until 1953, when the price of copper plunged and the mines were closed.  The population dropped to 50 hardy souls trying to keep the town intact.  By the mid 60’s some artists moved in and the new era of Jerome was born.  Today the town has about 450 citizens, and many shops, galleries, and restaurants.  It a great place to visit and explore the past and the present.



Jerome is perched on the side of Cleopatra Hill.  In fact over the years, some of the buildings including the jail have slipped down a street.IMG_2160 IMG_2143 There’s a couple of iconic buildings.  One building was the hotel used by the miners that’s now a private residence.  Lot of room for friends.IMG_2108 The other house is the Douglas Mansion, now an Arizona State Park.  We’re were sorry that it was closed for renovations.  Another good reason to visit the area.IMG_2156 We got hungry walking around and got real lucky when we found Grapes restaurant.  The sign motivated me.  Wine Burgers.  Linda had the special, a homemade meatball sandwich, and I had a flight of wine tasting and a roast beef sandwich with a wedge blue cheese salad.  Needless to say there was no dinner tonight.


virginia bed and breakfast said...

Jerome Arizona is located at 5,000 feet in elevation, nestled within Mingus Mountain.

What do the locals do in Jerome? Dancing in the Spirit Room or Paul and Jerry's is the primary past time. The Spirit Room will have a band almost every weekend.

Hiking can be done at the top of Mingus Mountain on Woodchute Trail. There is also camping at Mingus Campgroun

If the pines are too cold, you can travel down the hill to the Dead Horse State Park, where there are lagoons for fishing, campground
and hiking.

Taking a ride on the Verde Canyon
Railroad is always enjoyable.

On occasion there are events held at the Gold King Mine including the Volkswagen Rally, Jerome Stock concerts, etc. The Gold King is a funky little 'ghost town' with historic vehicles and buildings, a functioning saw mill and of course Don, who is an institution in itself.You can also visit Sedona, Arizona, a mere 30 minutes away.

Dkalla said...

When we went, we had lunch at the Mile High, another burger was really good, but noisy....and we were lucky that we got to visit the Arizona State Park...I remember it was really windy when we were there....but a lot of fun!!! Do you want to see pictures....:-)